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The Report of Adoption - What's That?

Adoptions mean a new parent needs to be shown on the adoptee's birth certificate. To get the birth certificate changed, Vital Records has a form for us to fill out--the Report of Adoption or "ROA" form.

The ROA form must be filed with the case. The information on the ROA must match the information on the child's (adoptee's) birth certificate and the information on the Decree of Adoption which includes the child's new name. If there is no birth father listed on the birth certificate, we just leave that section blank on the ROA.

Once the adoption hearing is complete and the judge signs the Decree of Adoption, the court clerk will complete Section 3 of the ROA form and send it to Vital Records.

At the Utah Adoption Law Center, we have a very cordial relationship with Utah Vital Records and pay meticulous attention to detail. We aren't perfect, but we try to be because we want your adoption to go as smoothly as possible. If you have questions, please call us!

Report of Adoption
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