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Foster Child --> My Child in 7 Steps ("foster-to-adopt")

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Step 1: The Court terminates the parental rights of the birth parents. No more reunification--adoption is the goal. Foster Parent calls the Utah Adoption Law Center to discuss the situation.

Step 2: We obtain case file from DCFS adoption caseworker, including birth certificate, home studies, termination / relinquishment of parental rights, and ICPC (Interstate) and ICWA (Indian Child) documentation if applicable.

Step 3: We prepare the petition, consents and affidavit of fees and costs. We provide a copy of the paid invoice to the DCFS subsidy coordinator to aid in your request for reimbursement of your legal costs.

Step 4: We file the case, obtain a hearing date, issue the Notice of Hearing, and prepare the Findings of Fact and the Decree of Adoption for the judge to sign.

Step 5: We prepare the client for the hearing and attend the hearing either in person or via WebEx.

Step 6: We obtain certified copies of the Decree of Adoption from the court clerk.

Step 7: We obtain new, post-adoption birth certificate from Vital Records.* *Usually it is best at this point for the adopting parent to obtain a new Social Security card for their child.

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